Threads of Belonging (I)

2nd download May 27th, 2014 054

Threads of belonging
Bind me to you
Something unspoken
Receives vibrations
That settle as dew

Forgotten remembrance
Weaves strands of the soul
Just as the aching is forgiven
That which is unlived
Emerges to be retold

Gently it hums
A song ancient as bones
Leave a door open
To yield
To wonder
To witness
As the great mystery


Dreamings of You

Download 25-08-11 212

I dreamed you into being
and the kind of bliss we share
The way your eyes melt into mine
As you gently stroke my hair

Love dreamed its way into us
and laid us on a blanket of stars
Gossamer threads of longing
wove us into who we are

Our hearts found one another
and declared the beginning of the end
Angels swept the badlands clean
Whispering ‘this is your godsend’