Love Is

Love is a curious thing is it not? I say I want it; indeed, I need it.  But when it comes to me grand, sweeping and chaotic; it breaks my heart open and shows me to myself.  Love exposes me as I defend my wounds and justify my resistance.  Love envelopes me and radically challenges who I think I am, who I thought I was and who I am becoming.  Love pokes at my brittle insides and demands that I open and expand; not just in this blissful moment, but in this uncomfortable moment also.  Love holds the mirror to me and shows me my judgement and lack of faith.  Love gives me the opportunity to replay the old stories and write a new ending.  Love shakes me to my core, rattles my bones and tells me to live like never before.  If I want love, I must honour it and hold onto myself as I am immersed in all that love has to offer; and not just the parts I prefer.  Love reveals parts of myself previously unknown as it challenges the depths of my greatest fears and doubts.
I rest my heart deep in this space of love and find a stranger there, invoking me to risk everything and love like never before.

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