I am the Hunter

4979I am the hunter
The monster within
I seek to consume you
And enter your skin

Ancient horrors dwell
Neglected and forlorn
Attendance is required
To absolve all that is torn

The hunter resides
Benignly at first
Awaken the beast
With insatiable thirst

Bring to the altar
All that she can drink
And become subsumed wholly
Romanticising the brink

Circling the abyss
Your hand in mine
Alchemic ritual illuminates
All that is forbidden to shine

Abhorrent and coarse
Stifled and weak
The neglected beast rises
Destructive havoc to wreak

I am the hunter
Call on me often
As your only true friend
I’ll guide you through darkest terrain
Through seething miasma
When you can no longer pretend


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