I See the Goddess

200I see the goddess walk in you
Ancient echoes of divinity
I see the goddess
Awakened and coursing through me

She walks the path of the dangerous mystery
Unacknowledged, unseen
But all I see is radiance, grace and timeless beauty
I see the goddess rising
Dancing within and beckoning me

She calls in the night time
Initiating the spirit of serpent, owl and panther to roam free
I see the goddess unshackled
And moaning in me

Her forbidden power spans untold millennia
And rises from the sea
I see the goddess
Walking this forsaken planet
And calling all to be free

The awakened feminine
Inspires the noble masculine
He worships at her temple
And finds purpose inside all that she can be

She caresses his wounded soul
And reminds him lovingly
We are all gods here
Ascending a separated notion
Of this state we call reality


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